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Fever in holiday
15 March 2012 5:42 AM | 0 comelettew

   Assalamualaikum , you make a mistake when you're not answer . hihi , as you see my title update today . yaaahh , it's fevahhhh , fevahhhh . yeahh , i'm the one who hate to fever in holiday . but i'm lucky not to fever on the examination day last week . Alhamdulillah . As usual , orang demam mesti batuk dengan bersin punya lahh . and until now , it's not okay and i'm not okay . i hope i'll be feeling well soon . just doakan supaya aku cepat sembuh daripada demam ni dah sangat lah cukup . Sebenarnya, aku ada macam macam jenis demam . yeahh ! demam Foster the people , One Direction , Smash , Fun , Asfan . sebenarnya , banyak lagi . tak dapat nak list kan . tapi , aku demam sebab bakat diorang , not for their publicity . and everything as being artist . actually , i love mark very much . bye <3 No ! you can't take him from me . Except god .

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