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11 February 2012 5:22 AM | 0 comelettew

     When we love someone, we can not want to miss him, right? our love is too close to him so until we do not ignore our feelings. When we love someone close, too, must we not see the error of each other. because love is blind. big mistake people we love that do not appear in our eyes. but, when we found out he made ​​a huge mistake, we must be angry with the affection and love feeling right. but, when we are angry he is with such, he is angry he did not understand us because we are too dear and love them. they think we are angry because anger is controlling us. actually no, O all men. women will be angry person he loved was just because you love. please treasure. they care about you man. because we know each other most of the wrong play, take appropriate action. like to advise the ethnically. love will come once. every thing that we do in this world, there will be trials and challenges that we all go through. God would be willing to guess that we face. God is not a tyrant to give the trials and challenges as they like. "He's the only one who knows what is best for his people.

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“Love between strangers takes only a few seconds and can last a whole life.”